Selling a property in today’s complex market can be a very demanding activity that requires knowledge, energy, creativity and the funds necessary to advertise and promote one’s own house.

It is often said that selling one’s property is a full-time job, except the fact that it doesn’t pay until sold. This is why people feel the need to be supported by a real estate professional. Every decision must be well thought. From the moment your property is listed to the last detail at the signing of the deed, your broker will accompany you throughout the transaction process leading to its realization.

Exposure with a capital “E”:

We strongly believe that exposure is the key to a successful sale. This is why we put emphasis on elegant and professional photography, as well as advertising throughout our networks of real estate brokers, professionals and the public. We place your property on the Real Estate Industry Website, CENTRIS, which covers the entire province of Quebec. Your nicely presented home will be listed on our website as well as the agency’s website and its Internet exposure will be maximized through search engine optimization. We also use more traditional marketing strategies as paper advertising to be able to target the largest number of potential buyers. Throughout the process, we communicate with our selling clients on a regular basis to inform them about any inquiries, showings, feedbacks, open houses, advertising ideas and much more to increase the overall activity.

Diversity of Clients:

Our clients, regardless of whether they are sellers or buyers come from various parts of the Greater Montreal area and the suburbs. We believe in the diversification of clientele because it gives us the unique chance to match sellers and buyers who are relocating from one area to another. This is our way to fully make use of the market in order to obtain the best results in terms of sales.

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Be sure to get the peace of mind you deserve along with optimal results. Take an appointment with us and let us justify the trust you have placed in us. Get a first-class service regardless of your property’s price, type, or location!